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Project Description
A light-weight blogging tool based on ASP MVC 3.

This project is a hobbyist project, wherein I will attempt to build a light-weight yet robust blog platform. It will use ASP MVC 3, and the Database Abstraction project to support many different databases. The list below serves as a high-level roadmap; from top to bottom, this will be the likely order of development. As the infrastructure is completed, we will develop a functionality/version list as we march toward v1.0.
  • Security - My WebLog will support multiple blogs; permissions will be as follows:
    • Site Administrator - this person can create new blogs and administer any in the instance
    • Blog Administrator - this person can change anything related to their blog
    • Editor - this person can change the text of posts by any author, and moderate comments
    • Author - this person can write and publish their own posts, and edit them once published
    • Contributor - this person can write posts, but they must be published by an Editor or higher; after publish, edits are restricted to Editor or higher
    • Subscriber - this person is known by the blog, and can receive updates (such as e-mail notifications)
  • Flexibility - My WebLog will support the databases supported by the Database Abstraction project. These are:
    • SQLite (will be used earliest in development - a SQLite database is already in the source code repository)
    • PostgreSQL (included by first alpha release)
    • MySQL
    • SQL Server
    • Transition between them (eventually - this is probably a v1.2 or greater feature)
  • Posts - My WebLog will provide the following for posts:
    • HTML markup
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Comments (Akismet will be built-in, other moderation options will also exist)
  • Syndication - My WebLog will provide RSS feeds for the blog-at-large, each category, and for posts (comment feed)
  • Import - My WebLog will support import from BlogML (and possibly WordPress WXR)

Stay tuned to this project for more information as time goes along.

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